Code of Conduct

So that everyone can have a good time & enjoy the entertainment provided by Elite Strippers, it is important to have some basic guidelines so that everyone knows what is expected. The following is set out so that you are aware of what is & isn’t acceptable. Other items & points are listed in our FAQ’s, which we highly recommend you read.

Upon booking with Elite Strippers, you are agreeable to the following terms & conditions:

Respect, Respect, Respect.

  • You don't go to work to be treated badly, neither do our performers. Our performers & wait staff are quality people who have decided to participate in the adult industry for your enjoyment. They have every day job & families just like you, & as such they deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Quite often our very popular guys/girls are booked back-to-back. You certainly wouldn't want your entertainment starting late. Please don't do it to other clients. No more than 15mins will be given to organize payments!
  • You are paying/have paid for a professional Adult Entertainer/s, not a prostitute or escort. Do not ask for any 'extra' services or for their contact details (phone number/address/facebook/email/etc). Your performer / wait staff does not provide ANYTHING but entertainment.
  • Elite Strippers cannot legally provide entertainment to any group smaller than three guests. If our subcontractor/s arrive to find your guest numbers smaller than three a cancellation fee of half (50%) the agree cash payment will be charged to cover their loss of income. The same also applies to any other circumstances that prevents our subcontractors from commencing agreed entertainment.
  • You must act in a respectful manner towards our staff at all times. You are not permitted to throw things, physically grab or insult our performers / wait staff.
  • If you break the rules, the dancer/wait staff reserve the right to leave immediately & no refund will be given. Please explain to your guests before the entertainment commences about what is & isn’t acceptable.
  • Cameras, videos or mobile phones are not usually permitted to be used during the performance. You must seek the performer’s permission if you wish to record the performance in any way. Please respect their decision. Again...if the rules are broken the dancer/wait staff reserve the right to leave immediately.
  • Our Waitresses & Waiters are not permitted to be touched inappropriately.
  • Your opinion is important! If you have feedback, positive or negative, on any of the services we have provided you, please contact Elite Strippers via the feedback page on our website. The manager will respond to your email at the earliest possible opportunity. Our phone staff is not authorized to settle customer complaints.
  • Elite Strippers are a booking agent for independent contractors. Contractors are not staffed. The Contractor is totally responsible for providing their own liability insurance & professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur. Elite Strippers does not claim any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury caused by any sub-contractor provided to the client. Any legal matter is solely between client & sub-contractor.

We hope you enjoy the entertainment.

Elite Strippers