Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Elite Strippers has offer male & female waitstaff & exotic dancers to private functions & parties as well as select hotels/sporting venues etc. No sexual services of any nature are available through Elite Strippers.

Are there any “extras” available?

No. Elite Strippers provides top quality performers & wait-staff who will not provide any other services of any nature, over & above what has been booked & paid for.

How do I book?

You can book a show or wait staff in one of 3 ways – you can simply pick up the phone & call our friendly phone staff, send us an email booking, or book (online through) our website. Please note that we do not take bookings or inquiries by SMS /text message or from Blocked or Private Numbers. To complete any booking we will need to actually speak to you.

How much notice do I need to make a booking?

As is the case with most things, the more notice provided, the better chance we have of meeting your requirements. Ideally, at least a one-week notice is advisable. We are always happy to take a booking at short notice, however, please remember that our performers are in demand & may not always be available at the time you are requiring. If you are considering booking “on the night”, please provide us with as much notice as you can & remain flexible in order to avoid disappointment.

In what areas do you operate?

Elite Strippers main areas of coverage are Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Gympie, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, North Queensland & Perth regions. However, we also have performers & wait-staff available in most major cities/regions. As we are continually expanding, please contact us to inquire if your area is covered.

How do I pay?

Booking in advance is always the safest way to ensure availability of the best range of performers & wait-staff, & when doing so, a deposit is required to secure the booking. The deposit can be paid directly over the phone to us via MasterCard/Visa, by internet banking into our nominated account (if time allows). If your needs preclude you from using this method, you can make your payment in branch at any Commonwealth Bank. Our preferred method for the payment of the balance is to pay cash to the performer/wait-staff on arrival at the function.

What fees are involved with amending or cancelling a booking?

There is no fee involved to upgrade a show or wait-staff booking, i.e., adding more time or a higher grade show. Alterations to dates, times, performers, venues or other changes will attract a surcharge.

A deposit is required on all bookings. Your booking is only secured once this deposit is received.

If you cancel your booking (for any reason) your deposit will not be refunded. In extenuating circumstances we will attempt to reschedule your booking within one month of the original booking date without the forfeiture of deposit.

Your deposit is paid to secure the original services booked. If you request a very small change to be made to your booking after your deposit is paid a $20 admin fee will be incurred. If a significant change to your booking is requested by you for any reason your deposit will be forfeited & Elite Strippers has reserved the right to revoke any discounts given & full price will be charged for the new services booked.

When placing a booking your acknowledge that although we do absolutely everything in our power to supply you with your preferred performer/wait-staff, this does not 100% guarantee their attendance at your booking. Although a rare occurrence, our team members get sick, have family emergencies, etc (they are human just like you). If a change of performer/wait-staff is needed we will notify you immediately & do our very best to source an alternative/replacement for you. If you choose to refuse the alternative/replacement you will be forfeiting your deposit for that portion of your booking.

Does it matter how many people are at our function?

Yes. There must be a minimum of 3 people to qualify as a party. However there is no maximum number of people you can have in attendance.

Will your performers or waitstaff do shows for mixed (male & female or vice versa) crowds?

Some of our performers & wait-staff are more than happy to perform or wait on mixed crowds that contain both men and women, however some are not. We strongly suggest you are letting us know at the time of booking as to whether it is a mixed crowd or not, so we can ensure your expectations are met.

Can we upgrade our show once the performer has arrived at our function?

In some cases, yes – it all depends on the schedule of our performer/wait-staff. If they can, they will. If they (can't) then no.

Can we extend a booking on the night?

In most cases, yes, provided they are available to do so – you will need to inquire at the time, however no guarantees are offered. If you think there may be a chance you would like to extend your booking please mention this to us at the time of booking. There is no obligation to make the extension, however it does assist us in providing you with waitstaff that may not have another booking afterwards.

Do I need to supply anything for the show?

All our performers are very self sufficient & will bring any props or items that they need. All you need to supply is a clean, flat area that is not on sand or grass & possibly a power point for their stereo.

How much room do I need to make available?

No less than an area of 2 metres by 2 metres.

Can we choose who we get?

Yes you can, & we do everything in our power to make sure your preferred performer or waitstaff are who we supply. However, we strongly recommend that you select a few favorites from our website as our performers/wait-staff are highly sought after & in demand.

Can I take photos or video?

This depends on the individual performer/waitstaff. It's not only good manners, it is also a must to be given permission by the performer before starting to take photos or video. Our performers & wait-staff reserve the right to refuse photos to be taken, & if photos or videos are taken without the permission of the performer, the performers have the right to immediately leave the function without refund.

Will your performers or waitstaff provide individual lap dances?

This is entirely up to the individual performer or waitress. However, in a lot of cases our showgirls may not have time due to their schedule. If you are inclined to want an individual lap dance we recommend you mention this at the time of booking so we can provide you with performers or waitstaff who are prepared to offer this service. Prices for lap dances are negotiated between the performer & the client, & Elite Strippers does not set prices for lap dances.

Can I touch the performers / wait staff?

NO touching of our wait-staff or performers is allowed. Some performers/waitstaff will allow appropriate guided touching during their performance, although this is dependent on the individual performer & you are only permitted to touch the areas you are instructed is appropriate. Please note that there are NO sexual services or sexual touching allowed.

Can I have topless/nude waitstaff or performers in a public place?

No, they cannot be viewed by the public. This includes beaches, sports grounds, public bars etc.

Can under 18’s be present at a function?

In most cases no, however there are some exceptions which depend on the type of performance, type of function and venue. Please call us to discuss, particularly if you're requesting a show for an 18th birthday party.

Do drivers accompany your female performers / waitresses?

It is company policy of Elite strippers that they be encouraged to have a 'driver' present at ALL private functions. The safety & well-being of our staff are our top priority. Having said this, this doesn't mean that the girls’ driver will encroach on your function by drinking & eating your supplies or starring in the show. They are a discreet presence that will remain at the disposal of the girl.

Can we have a show at a licensed venue?

The law stipulates that we can only supply shows or waitstaff that go as far as a g-string and no further, in licensed venues. However, for some licensed venues that have the appropriate level of licensing they may allow other types of shows. Please call us to discuss.

Can the waitstaff party on after with us after the function?

No. This is a service which is traditionally catered for by Escorts & Elite Strippers are NOT an Escort service.

Are your prices negotiable?

We at Elite Strippers have heard time & time again from happy customers that we offer competitive rates compared to other agents. However, because we supply performers and waitstaff that are of impeccable quality, our prices reflect this. We believe in the old adage “pay peanuts – get monkeys” (and none of our girls or guys look like monkeys)!! However, we will in most cases match or better any advertised price listed on any reputable competitors website.

If your question has not been addressed in this section, you may find it in our Code of Conduct – click here for this. Alternatively, you may wish to call our friendly phone staff.