Female R Rated Shows

ALL SHOWS: You are paying/have paid for a professional Adult Entertainer/s, not a prostitute or escort. Do not ask for any 'extra' services or for their contact details (phone number/address/facebook/email/etc). Your entertainer does not provide ANYTHING but entertainment. Some performers charge a little extra. Please click on each performer profile or call us to clarify fees.

Please note: All shows booked for the Gold Coast 600/Super GP (Gold Coast Oct 21-24) incur a surcharge.

Burlesque Strip 20 Minutes

Eris will really put on a show for you with her R rated burlesque inspired strip tease show (20mins).

G-String Show 10 - 15 Minutes

This show is great for mixed audiences. An entertaining show where the dancer removes all of her clothes except her G-string. This is a great show for 18th, 21st & 50th Birthdays or a surprise in the office. Each girl has a range of costumes.

Straight Strip 15 Minutes

The dancer strips from her costume to nude while paying extra attention to the guest of honor. Everyone sees a little more than in the g-string show, while still being tasteful. The dancers legs remain closed once the G-string is removed.

Open Leg Show 15 - 20 Minutes

In this show the dancer strips to nude from her selected costume and gives the guest of honour plenty of attention, while performing open leg work. Therefore, you get to see EVERYTHING in this show.

Strawberries & Cream Show 20 Minutes

Fun strip to nude with open leg work & a tasty treat for the guest of honour, with the girl putting whipped cream somewhere special on her body & dipping strawberries into it!

Granny / Fat-A-Gram 10 - 15 Minutes

Embarrass the Buck/Birthday boy with this entertaining, up-lifting show. Our girl has wobbles in all the right places and will remind you of someone's granny!! A strip down to bloomers with a personally delivered limerick. Fun for all involved!

Big Betty Bonanza 20 -25 Minutes

It starts like a car crash.... you want to look away, but you can't! Watch as Obese Big Betty loses all her weight to become a stunning beauty, who then strips down to nude (including open leg work), to show you how this once fatty looks as a gorgeous naked hottie! Great for embarrassing the buck but he will forgive you by the end. Specialty Show.